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CVEN 3708 Geotechnical Engineering 1
Basic characteristics of geological materials; soil and rock classifications; physical, mechanical, and hydraulic properties; the effective stress principle; soil and rock improvement; seepage, consolidation; stress distribution; settlement analysis.

CVEN 3718 Geotechnical Engineering 2
Discusses shear strength, bearing capacity, lateral earth pressures, slope stability, and underground construction. Analysis and design of shallow and deep foundations, retaining walls, tunnels, and other earth and rock structures.

CVEN 5511 Introduction to the Finite Element Methods
Systematic formulation of finite element approximation and isoparametric interpolation (weighted residual and energy methods, triangular and quadrilateral elements). Includes computation applications to the solution of one- and two-dimensional stress-deformation problems, steady and transient heat conduction, and viscous flow.

CVEN5728 Foundation Engineering
Geotechnical design of shallow and deep foundation, including spread footings, mats, driven piles, and drilled piers. Coverage includes bearing capacity, settlement, group effects, and lateral load capacity of the various foundation types. Additional topics include subsurface exploration, construction of deep foundations, and analysis of pile behavior using wave equation and dynamic monitoring methods.
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CVEN 7718 Engineering Properties of Soils
Considers constitutive behavior of cohesive and cohesionless soils including stress-strain, strength, pore water pressure, and volume change behavior under drained and undrained loading conditions. Also includes linear and nonlinear analysis techniques and determination of constitutive properties in the laboratory.
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